Established in 1961, L.S.Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals is a stalwart in the chemical compound manufacturing and distribution industry. We excel in catering to many pharmaceutical and pigment industries as well as various research institutions. We are experienced in serving the domestic as well as international market. Customer’s success is our paramount objective and meeting their needs at all times remains to be our mantra.

Our Approach

Our approach is customer centric and our reputation is built through the quality of the products and the services we provide. Through dependable services and high-end products, we have a competitive advantage in our arena.

Our Team

Our people are the epitome of glory. We have highly innovative research and development professionals who use advanced technologies to deliver high quality products. With the objective to diversify and render newfangled solutions, our experienced management professionals successfully marry enterprise with chemistry.

Our Infrastructure

Our head office is located in Mumbai, which makes collaboration with our customers and suppliers very effective. With two manufacturing facilities and warehouses at Sarigam and Vapi in Gujarat, India; we have enough space to produce as well as store voluminous output. Provisioned with the latest and the most efficient machinery and installations, we can make possible large-scale processing and packaging within the given deadline. At our manufacturing facility, each and every phase of the process, such as the processing, chemical compounds crystallization and more are carried out with efficacy.

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