L.S Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals has established its presence in United States of America, Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle Eastern market. We have successfully leveraged our production for supplying affordable and high quality chemicals across the globe. We are constantly enlarging our product domain and supplying to valued customers all around the world.

We have found a large development and use of our products like Lead acetate, Lead nitrate, Lead oxide and Mercuric chloride in multiple industries namely Mining, Paint & Pigments, PVC Resins & Stabilizer. Currently serving government agencies and multinationals in India along with international clients for the same end use, we are confident to supply and meet bulk and precise requirements of our potential customers.

We are making efforts to target customer base directly as well as deal with established traders of these products in various countries to develop trust and assist the end user of our products over the long run.

We are continuously growing our presence in the export market and our primary vision is to have a specific section for an EOU- Export Oriented Unit.

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